Individual Coaching

As a level 3 BTF coach, INTRtri‘s Pete Jenkins is qualified to write personalised triathlon training plans for individuals. He is also happy to provide tips and advice for those with particular questions about their training, but who do not want a training plan. In addition to swimming, biking, running and racing advice, Pete is also qualified to answer questions about strength and conditioning and nutrition.

If you approach Pete for a training plan he will first give you a questionnaire to fill in that asks questions about your current training, time available for training and your triathlon goals. Using this he will draw up your first plan which will, typically, be about 4 weeks long. This plan will be periodised and appropriate for the training phase of the triathlon year and may include some strength and conditioning sessions on top of those for swimming, biking and running. He will ask you to fill in and send to him weekly return sheets in which you should log what you do and how you have felt. Using this feedback, he will provide you with your follow-up plans.